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DSK CHK has invaded the U.S. starting with his one of a kind “Performance DJ” spectacle dubbed, “Fantazia 360.”  The event featuring a DJ Piano on top of a 360 degree rotating stage will centrifuge in arenas across the U.S. Theatrically choreographed segments and interactive sequences were inter-meshed with a non-stop on-the-fly mix of four to the floor bangers. The event has created so much buzz that Fantazia 360 will become the official tour for DSK CHK this Fall with over 15 college markets scheduled to show it.  Visit www.fantaziatour.com for more info.

Donning the symbolic Guy Fawkes mask, DSK CHK represents the idea that “Identity should remain irrelevant, and only the music and the experience should be idolized.” Never revealing his identity even to those close to him, he remains under a veil of secrecy to promote the movement with his ever-growing army of Anon EDM supporters.

In 2012, DSK CHK is set to launch an EP properly labeled, “BootDSK” which is a collection of classics remade. Responses from some of the EP’s cuts have been tremendous, including the highly anticipated Phil Collins rework of “In The Air Tonight.” Other notable tracks are Tears For Fears – Everyone Wants To Rule The World, a darker dirtier variation of Haddaway’s “What Is Love”, and the recap video track for Rozalla’s “ Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”.

Between the travelling and gigs, DSK CHK is hard at work in the studio, getting ready to release some up and coming originals and remixes.


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