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Domo Genesis is a member of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, (often abbreviated OFWGKTA and also known simply as Odd Future or Wolf Gang.) Domo, with his broad knowledge of marijuana and creative perspective on word rhyming, has achieved much respect throughout the rap community. Being one of the talented members of Odd Future, Domo Genesis continues to shock and awe the public with his elusive tracks with other rappers such as DZA, Remy Banks, also his co-members of Odd Future. With his release of his first album, Rolling Papers, caused some beef with another pothead rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Wiz was also releasing an album called Rolling Papers and the debate of who came up with it first went back and forth through out OFWGKTA and Taylor Gang. In the end, Wiz Khalifa backed off and squashed the beef due to the frightening thoughts of the response that could be from Odd Future. Domo Genesis has a talked on the making of a new album called Under The Influence, currently TBA. Domo Genesis continues to step it up and show he is unlike any other artist throughtout the rap game.

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