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It all started, when Doctor Dru was a little boy treating his mothers pots and pans with his drumsticks. Three priorities dominated his youth, the Snare, Skateboarding & Soul Music. Soon his professional drumming career took him around Europe, supporting artists like R.Kelly in sold out concert halls. A skateboarding accident left him with two broken arms and put an abrupt end to drumming for a while. But tweaking a mixer was still possible, and so the affair with an atari and a drummachine began. The subsequent years were about honing his production skills and spinning vinyl at numerous parties and clubs. Before long he was producing a wide variety of artists including one of his heroes, Bootsy Collins.

In 2010 he founded the label JEUDI Records, with like minded friends from Baalsaal, Hamburg and the following year saw him ghostproducing for other DJ´s and debut his own material. "Ooh Gosh!", his debut EP sat in the Top 5 of the dancecharts for weeks. Doctor Dru was also the producer behind "Juicy Fruit", the 2011 summer hit and success story of Exploited's sub label Blackjuke Box; and the "Anymore" EP in collaboration with his buddies Adana Twins. Then the Twins hired him for their breakthrough: the "Everyday" EP on Exploited . With 'The Voice of Dru' Doctor Dru created his own breakthrough. A modern take on a classic italo track which - within a few days - became a Beatport Top 10 Hit and was sitting comfortably on Deephouse No.1 for weeks. Releases on OFF, Jeudi Records & Stil vor Talent were following. Recently he did his third joint for Exploited: the " 2KnowU" EP which showed another profound insight of his talent. With so much behind him already, we're excited to see what the future holds for Doctor Dru..

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