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Zeke Thomas is an international Hip-House DJ and producer whom has made an impact on the music scene over his career of 10 years. His longevity is pretty impressive as a 24 year-old graduate of Jacob school of music, two-years and counting official NBA All Star DJ, youngest assistant programmer to ever work at hot 97.1 FM NYC, and has collaborator with numerous A-list celebrities.

His passion for music transcends to his overwhelming support to the non-profit sector for organizations like Glamour Gals, Many Hopes org and numerous social causes helping our youth become more educated and empowered.

Zeke Thomas' debut album will be released this year (2012) and is anticipated by his fans of his residencies in NYC, LA, Orlando, Miami and Chicago. Cosmopolitan Magazine calls him "insanely cute and overwhelmingly talented" in March of 2012 and when you see him perform you will see why.

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