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The unfolding success story of Yass’s love affair with music and the world’s consequent love affair with DJ Yass’s talent began at a very early age! Yass first fell in love with the turntables at just the tender of age of 13, and at the age of 19 was one of the youngest resident DJ’s on the French circuit. Raised in Paris, a city world renowned for giving birth to many musically talented offspring, as well as being a perfect example of a modern day culturally mixed society, DJ Yass’s habitual growth could not have been more fitting for a future within the music industry which has now earned him a place with top flight international recognition.

The first seven years of Yass’s career saw him spinning hip-hop and with the influences of the “rave party” phenomenon sweeping through Paris he started to develop a techno sound. This opened up a new horizon for DJ Yass and he soon realised he was in his element. His record boxes were getting gradually getting filled with cuts from Detroit, Chicago, Germany and UK. DJ Yass played in a number of famed club nights, making a name for himself and gaining public notoriety, from then on his intention was to mix in a new creative way. In 1997, at the end of his sound engineering studies, he carried on working in clubs and developing his style more progressively (house music being his choice of records) it was a revelation to him at the time that clubs preferred it to techno and Hip-Hop.

DJ Yass handles the house style magnificently, combining his teenage days of groove, funk, disco, jazz and even techno sounds, making it an ideal portrait of his musical painting. At the time he was on the road five days a week, on the turntables of the capitals biggest clubs, where he perfected the art of mixing on three turntables, which has become his means of expression. Thanks to the numerous club residences the name Yass became synonymous with quality, amassing a following at least as prominent as the big names he was soon to be sharing flyer space with which would inc DJ Sneak, Johnny Corporate, Lego, Little Louie Vega, Dj Deep, Frankie Feliciano, Jazzanova, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez and Bob Sinclar to name just a few…

In 1999, Yass’s simple dynamics became a revelation. It was about this time that the rumour mill began to turn and the whispers began to get much louder, “who is Yass?". From here on he was booked at many top venues and was guesting across the world. DJ Yass’s true talent does not lie solely within the music which he plays, but more importantly within the way in which his sets are delivered. His energetic style of Pumping Soulful House with influences from the French and New York scene, deep house and techno can be qualified as unique, forcing hairs on the necks of each patron of the dance floor to stand on end until the track erupts and sends the crowd ‘off the hook’ in a seemingly hypnotic state of cheers and whistles.

DJ Yass has additionally become a firm favorite amongst the notoriously hard to please fashion clique and has provided the soundtrack for many top fashion designers including Armani and Vivienne Westwood and other exclusive events such as Rip Curl and the premiere of the Spiderman movie.

Not content with simply being a fan of playing other artists records, Yass’s thirst for knowledge turned towards producing. In 2004 DJ Yass joined Momo Records (NYC) and released three 12” “Been set free”, “Rule the world” and “Diamond rings”, licensed by one of the worlds biggest dance labels Defected Records which then went on to be championed by some of house music’s major pioneers, Roger Sanchez, Dj Spen, David Morales, Martin Solveig...

Yass then went on to sign a song for Serial’s compilation “Softly” and In 2005 and 2006, he signed three records under the name Inner soul, “Support your local DJ!” and “Pressure Ep” and a remix “Jackin’ a box” on Deeply Rooted House (Dj Deep’s label).

DJ Yass has a number of projects forthcoming including a new follow up on Defected, “When doves cry”, a remix of the Marc Evans song “the way you love me”, and a new cut on Kerri Chandler‘s label Grei Matter and Back To Fundamentals project. DJ Yass is also working on an album and a compilation.

He was also chosen to be one of the new producer DJ’s to mix the Defected In The House Miami 09 album. One of Defected Records best selling albums of the year. Yass was chosen for his soulful take on the mix, creating the ‘poolside’ vibe for the compilation, as well as mixes from fellow DJ’s David Penn and DJ Spen.

DJ Yass’s reputation continues to spread with furious speed throughout the right venues and cities and it seems only a matter of time before electronic music’s next major ambassador steps up to take his place in history next to the all time greats!!!


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