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DJ Wednesday’s DJing career began in New Jersey in 1985. Originally a hip hop DJ, Wednesday started playing house and garage music in 1988. He was heavily influenced by the DJs who spun at his favorite club the Zanzibar in Newark, New Jersey where DJs like Tony Humphries and DJ Disciple were puttin it down. When the 90s hit, the New York Scene was in full effect. That was when Wednesday was exposed to the New York Rave Scene. The parties that were running at the time were NASA, The Limelight, The Shelter, etc…

By 1993, the scene was starting to peak and the rave scene was starting to divide into different styles of rave and dance. Once the sound of breakbeat hit, Wednesday knew that the music was for him. The breakbeat sound split in the mid 90s into Hardcore, Happy Hardcore and Jungle. Wednesday being a B-Boy from day one levitated to the sound of jungle.

In 1994, Wednesday relocated from New Jersey to Phoenix. Once he arrived in Phoenix, he linked up with Russell Ramirez, owner of Swell Records, and Bombshelter DJs Z-Trip, Emile and Radar. They went on to play one of the biggest raves Arizona had ever seen, a New Year’s rave called Beyond, where Wednesday was the only DJ on the bill playing Jungle.

In 1996, Wednesday moved to West Palm Beach, FL where he linked up with the Soul Providers crew. The Soul Providers were the only crew in South Florida who were organized and moved as a unit. Founded by LP., Leo Purvis, the Soul Providers were a collective of DJs, Dancers, Graffiti Artists, Producers and MCs. They were the perfect foundation for Wednesday and he fit in perfectly. After a year of playing all the major parties in South Florida, Wednesday landed a residency at the Loft. The Loft was a club overlooking the ocean in West Palm Beach where they spun funky breaks in the main room. Out on the back patio is where Wednesday began his following. Being the only Jungle DJ that had a residency in West Palm Beach, he was able to highlight his skills in the land of funky breaks and electro. One night while Wednesday was laying down an inspired Jungle set, Scott Weiser of Dynamix II / Jackal and Hyde introduced himself. Soon after that, he and Scott were in the studio working on Wednesday’s first 12 inch release, the Cheeba Cheeba E.P. With his new release ready to roll, Wednesday once again relocated and wound up in Atlanta, Georgia. This is where Wednesday set up shop and ran his record label, Wednesday Afternoon Recordings (W.A.R.).

By 1998, Wednesday’s name was household in the Southeast. He played a big part in helping to develop the Jungle / Drum n Bass scene in Atlanta. At the time, Wednesday was the only Jungle DJ in Atlanta that was performing with an MC. That MC was the Imperial MC LP, the founder of Soul Providers crew in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Once LP relocated to Atlanta, Wednesday and LP ran the Atlanta underground Jungle scene. If there was an underground DnB party running, Wednesday and LP were rinsin it out. With the next release off the W.A.R. label, Wednesday and LP went on tour. Everywhere from LA to Detroit, Wednesday and LP spread the positive vibration of the jungle.

After Wednesday came off tour back to Atlanta he knew what he had to do. Wednesday got in contact with a couple key people in the scene and his brain child was born, Konkrete Jungle Atlanta. Wednesday’s long time friend, MJ, Michael Jackson made Konkrete Jungle the biggest jungle party Atlanta had ever seen at the time. Shortly after that, 9/11 hit and really changed the scene. There were not as many parties running and people were not going out as much. It was not long after that when Wednesday returned to Phoenix where he currently resides and runs his label.

For the last nine years, Wednesday has ran Konkrete Jungle Arizona and also finds time to gig in between recording and his W.A.R. label. With his right hand partner DJ Bass doing much of the engineering on Wednesday’s tracks, the majority of all production is done in house. Wednesday is also co-owner of HipStep Massive, LLC, a record label, talent agency, etc… ran with his brother from another mother, the one and only TC Islam, AKA TC Iz. Be on the lookout for Wednesday’s latest project due to drop late this year.

You can catch DJ Wednesday on GenXGlow.com Radio, Tuesdays at 12 am EST. Also tune into HOTTALKLA.com, The HipStep Lounge Show. Artists that Wednesday has produced with include: MC Navigator, Erb N Dub, Jackal N Hyde, Dynamix II, Soul Slinger, TC Islam, Huda Hudia, Jim Johnson, Liquid, Stranger, MC LP, DJ Bass, DJ Fixx


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