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Today, DJ SPYNFO is without a doubt, one of New York's premier DJs. He began his thriving career in 2000, primarily catering to the diverse college community of St. Johns University (SJU). Throughout his college career, Spynfo mastered and expanded his skills at most of SJU's most popular events including but not limited to variety of parties, fashion shows, and concerts. Having mastered the college arena in Queens, DJ SPYNFO began to market himself to many of the countries most respected universities-names such as Yale, Howard, Princeton, Pace, Syracuse, and Rutgers were requesting his services for every major event on their campuses.

It was his insatiable desire to take his perfected craft further that lead DJ SPYNFO to seek bigger endeavors. He decided early on that if he wanted to make a bigger name for himself, he had to next transcend the club scene of the greatest city: NYC. His first encounter with the club scene began in 2001 at a small Queens venue called Georgetown a.k.a. "The Sweat Box." Legally, it could hold 175 attendees but DJ SPYNFO managed to pack over 400 people in there every Thursday night! It was because of this, he was eventually able to move his parties to a more envied Friday night spot. In time, he was able to move his parties within Manhattan while simultaneously retaining a hype and consistent crowd while maintaining a strong following, two things that are not easy to do in such a distracting and eventful city. Through his work ethic, drive, and consistant support from EMPIRE ENTITY, DJ Spynfo has established himself with a variety of club patrons and became one of the highly favorable MC/DJ's in the New York Metropolitan area. This is not only attributed to his expertise but to his extended selection of music and his capacity to please all types of crowds. Easily transferring the vibrant college energy to the vivacious NYC club scene, it was no surprise that DJ SPYNFO became known throughout the tri-state area as "The College Club King!"

In the last few years, DJ SPYNFO has made landmark career advances. He was featured on BET's Rap City, a show that features only the best disc jockey's across the nation. He became a regular DJ/MC personality on the first nationally syndicated college radio show, dubbed Live from the Yard. He went from hosting mega concerts that featured big name artists such as Ludacris, Nas, and Keyshia Cole to working with massive crowds at birthday celebrations for celebrities like Missy Elliot and 50 Cent and then being featured at events for corporations such as the American Cancer Society. After 5 years since his humble beginnings, DJ SPYNFO had surpassed the borders of the tri-state area, performing repeatedly in Miami, Atlanta, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica and Japan.

Perhaps his biggest accomplishment cam in early 2009. On January 7, SPYNFO along with five other DJs were inducted into the worlds most elite DJ crew-The Pitbulls-created in the late 1990's by Funkmaster Flex with member disco jockeys from radio circuits such as Hot 97 (DJ Mister Cee, Jazzy Joyce, Cipha Sounds, and Bobby Trends) in New York City, 99 Jams (DJ Khaled) in Miami, and from the international circuits (Tim Westwood and Cut Killer-Europe). With this major move, DJ SPYNFO along with the other new inductees are rightfully dubbed the "New Generation" of DJ's.

DJ SPYNFO continues to live up to the title "Your New Favorite DJ." With years of experience under his famous name, he has shown that his commitment to his fans and patrons is incomparable to that of any other DJ. Whether at a club, school, industry event, wedding, or any place that requires entertainment at its best, DJ SPYNFO will give you 150% making him "Your New Favorite DJ"!


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