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Playboy’s official tour DJ, Urb’s Next 100, & the only female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series, Shortee’s one of the most diverse & technically skilled female DJs in the world. The first & only female ever to win the U.S.’s largest electronic music mixing competition, the “Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs” held at Nation (Washington D.C. – 1997), Shortee’s unique contribution to the art of turntablism earned her a spot as the only female DJ featured in Doug Pray’s movie SCRATCH (Palm Pictures) seen in theatres across the globe & syndicated on HBO, VH1, Cinemax, Showtime, Encore, Sundance, IFC. She is also a main focus in “Mistress X” (Sowa Ent./Manhattan Project) & featured in numerous other TV shows & DJ films.

In 1998, Shortee made her first production appearance alongside Craze & Shotgun on Faust’s “Man or Myth” (1st turntablist album released in history), followed by “The Fathomless EP” w/ Faust & Craze, (1st musical release w/ Drum & Bass comprised solely of scratching). In 1999, Shortee’s full- length solo debut “The Dreamer” became the first album produced by a female turntablist, & she’s since released multiple joint albums with her production partner Faust (“Digital Soul”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”), singles, remixes, mix cds & appeared numerous compilations.

Shortee’s “Drumcircle” (Digital Soul) is the theme song for “MTV SPORTS UNLIMITED AXXESS” & her skills as a DJ/Producer have earned her rave reviews in publications such as Spin, Urb, Rolling Stone, NY Times, Washington Post, DJ Times, Remix, XLR8R, Venus, Vice, etc. & ranked in the coveted URB’s Next 100 (2001). Her music has aired on MTV, NBC, CNN, ESPN & in videos by Tribal Gear & Redbull.

Shortee’s DJ instructional DVD series, “Shortee’s DJ 101”, “Shortee’s DJ 202”& “Turntable Tune Up”, teaches DJs various mixing, scratching & beatjuggling skills, lessons in new technology & turntable repair. She features turntable & MC visionaries like Faust, Craze, Q-Bert, Babu, Disk, Flare, Danny the Wildchild, Phantom 45 & MC Armanni!

Shortee’s dropped numerous solo/team mix CDs of Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum & Bass, House, Funk & Soul including the “Urban Assault” series (Vol 1-3) “Hip Hop Mega Mix” series (Vol 1-2), “Methods of Motion” & “Dream Theory” series (Vol 1-2) & “The XIII Soundtrack” (Ubi Soft) featuring original tracks by her crew Future Primitive. Recent CDs include Shortee’s “Playboy 50th Anniversary Tour Mix” series (Vol 1-3) which follow her earlier release “Casa de Playboy”.

Always seamless whether appearing solo or part of a group, Shortee is also well-known for her one-of-a-kind 4-turntable transmissions w/ husband DJ Faust. Together they perform w/ other artists MC Armanni, poet Christopher Longoria (Musical Poetry) & MC Supastion. Recently, Shortee’s teamed up w/ fellow female tablist DJ Annalyze on 4 decks.

An active member of the world-renowned Future Primitive Sound Collective (along w/ Faust, Cut Chemist, Shadow, Shortcut, Jack Dangers, Disk (Primus), Tino Corp, Design, Zeph, Space Travelers, Z-Trip, Devious Doze)& co-founder of both the original turntablist crew Third World Citizens (Faust, Shortee, Craze, Shotgun, King James, Enki, T-rock) now simply: The Citizenz as well as her electronic-oriented crew: Space Kadets (Faust, Motomasa, Eve, Kri & Usul). Shortee’s sponsors include Tribal, Stanton, Rane, Shure, Mixwell, Cakewalk, she’s a featured artist on CNET, performs @ The NAMM Show & has appeared at The Remix Hotel.

A seasoned globetrotter, Shortee’s rocked nightclubs & special events across the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Korea, Italy, UK, & Holland spinning styles from Hip-Hop, Breaks, DnB, Turntablist Showcases, Funk, Soul, House & Techno. High profile Playboy events include The Mansion, Super Saturday Super Bowl parties, & their 50th Anniversary Club Tour (50 US cities). Shortee also tours w/ corporate giants Coca-Cola/Sprite, Frito Lay/Doritos, Channel One, Activision, Playboy Magazine & Simon Malls.


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