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In a city known for cut throat vicious cameramen, one specific Paparazzi stands out, leading the nightlife scene of Los Angeles, the supposed new hub of electronic music, this is no photographer, but 24 year old Cesar Rios, DJ Paparazzi.

With his own club (Dance), management company, and city-wide reputation, Paparazzi is part of a new breed of DJ who knows just as much about the business as they do about the music. Paparazzi has graced the lineups of festivals such as Coachella and San Francisco's BFD and is constantly traveling for gigs. Dance is notorious for a two hour line to get in and draws in a crowd from all over Southern California. Unlike many trying to make it big, Rios is no mid-west transplant, he was born and raised in Los Angeles and is taking over clubs, concerts, and events, with confidence 14 years in the making.

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