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Never one to draw within the lines, Paul Anthony Thompson also known as Niko Star has always pushed the boundaries of mixing music. Whether it was remixing dancehall/reggae vocals with pop or house beats, or mixing genres that didn’t traditionally belong together in the clubs. Niko was never afraid to experiment with what he thought sounded good; whether it was 80’s pop, 90’s rock, old school hip hop, reggae, dancehall reggaeton or house music. Niko has studied his craft and successfully held residencies in many of the top clubs in Orlando before moving to Miami for a new challenge.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Paul Anthony was an only child to two very busy parents. Music became an early obsession. If it wasn’t Casey Kasem’s Top 40 playing on the radio, or Soul Train on the TV, Then it was RJR - the local radio station blasting through the house. At night the sounds of street parties would fill the air, and basslines would become the lullabies that would lead him to dreams about playing music.

Always a fan of music but wasn’t introduced to the art of deejaying until Paul Anthony moved to Orlando in 1990 when he was introduced to his uncle Gary who was a deejay and avid record collector. Learning the basics of how to play music and put together sets, Paul Anthony began playing at house parties in his neighborhood which grew to community parties, and eventually parties around Orlando for different communities and organizations. Attending UCF in 1996 after graduating high school Paul quickly became a favorite go to guy for most fraternity parties, especially for the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. College parties eventually lead to club parties and residencies in most of the clubs in Orlando. Feeling a need to further his career and take deejaying a little more seriously, a move to Miami was the next step.

In Miami, Niko has played on some of the biggest caribbean events, including the biggest Halloween party Mask, and the Ultra all-inclusive Stages, at the same time as playing in the open format market weekly at Opium on South Beach. Niko has also done guest sets at Bed, Dream, Treehouse, Pangea and Gryphon. In 2012 Niko’s ability to play a wide variety of music was noticed by representatives from the Obama campaign. Subsequently he was asked to join the “DJ’s for Obama” campaign which created awareness for the candidate through social events.

Along with deejaying, Niko has been putting out his remixes and original works on his soundcloud and also his mixes on podcast. Niko’s remixes span from reggae to trap to moombahton; mash-ups of r&b records on different hip hop beats, also edits of some of Niko’s favorite records to play in the club.


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