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DJ Merritt (aka Merritt X) is one of the most innovative and cutting edge DJs in the New York City club scene to date. From his start at Chip Duckett’s ABC at Irving Plaza to the present, his unique fusion of energetic, pumping beats has made him a dance floor favorite all across New York City and abroad.

Among his many accomplishments, DJ Merritt is known for having had the most residencies of any dance club DJ in New York City. Residencies include Limelight (Disco 2000), Palladium, USA, Tunnel, Roxy, Pyramid, Expo, Exit, Cheetah, Life, Spa, Discotheque, Asseteria, Sound Factory, Sound Factory Bar and Twilo, with notable guest appearances at Save The Robots, Boy Bar, Vinyl, Centro Fly, Spirit, Avalon, Crobar and Pacha.

DJ Merritt was co-creator of the phenomenally successful "Sugar Babies" party and one of the creative minds who spearheaded The Tunnel night club's original after-hours. Merritt was also one of the resident DJs at NYC’s best and longest-running Sunday night House party, Cafe Con Leche.

DJ Merritt has spun at various high profile media events and celebrity functions for the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, “Marky” Mark Walhberg, Queen Latifah, Prince, Donatella Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Moss and Grace Jones and has been featured in publications such as The Village Voice, Time Out, Urb, ID, HX, Next, Paper Magazine and Page Six of The New York Post.

Music productions have included remixes and original material for dance labels such as Warner Brothers and BMG among others.

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