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DJ Mednas


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Throughout his life, Mehdi Nassiri (aka "MEDNAS") has filtered his innate musical instincts through many instruments before finding his true element of expression, the needle on a record - his refuge, electronic music.

“With electronic music, I can finally combine all kinds of music in one."

His highly competitive background in surfing has meshed with his exposed senses to world music and has made him a solicited DJ for several clubs throughout the world. An independent artist with an underground gravitational pull, MEDNAS has already made a name for himself. His outstanding performances have shifted from Madrid (Spain), at venues such as Arena, Ego Club and Cool Ballroom, to Morocco, at Pacha and Nikki Beach to name a few. In Miami, he spun at Arkadia for the Subliminal + Friends parties hosted by Erick Morillo. Now MEDNAS holds the residency at LIV, considered to be the best club in the world by Tiesto and ranks #1 on Clubplanet.com's list of Top 25 US Clubs.

"His beats and rhythms placate the audiences’ hunger for new and unconventional sounds."


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