DJ Mat Ste Marie


With a quarter of a century in the mix, DJ Mat Ste-Marie knows how to make a crowd move. In his native town of Montreal, he was schooled by the best DJs in the world as he danced the night away on many of the city’s legendary dance floors. That’s where Mat learned how to take a party to the next level, something he demonstrates any time he plays.

Over the years, Mat has graced the DJ booth in many of Montreal’s most famous spots, notably the world-renowned Black & Blue main event (2003, 2005 and 2007) and internationally acclaimed venues such as Playground, Sona, Stereo and Circus. He also held regular guests spots in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and internationally in the UK, France, Italy and Mexico.

Now established in Toronto, Mat innovates both in studio and in the DJ booth as he continues to develop his signature tribal-infused, underground tech house sound


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