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DJ Lady Kate


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Specializing in any music genre. Her talent unique style of mixing & connection with her crowd, takes the club from zero to sixty. Lady Kate Mixes audio, video, and performs with vinyl, or serato & serato Video-SL, which is a software that gives her the ability to playback and mix video files, along with audio files in real-live time. Kate Manages a variety of Mp3's & video clips from within the Scratch Live library, and loads them onto a virtual deck for control with vinyl. The controls allow Kate to mix clips with a variety of transitions, as well as allowing her to apply exciting effects to each video clip. The mixed output can be sent to Kate's computer's secondary display, for connection to external monitors or Projectors for nightclubs who are equipped with either of the two.

"Dj Lady Kate is not just another pretty face. Kate got her start young, and has been mixing on vinyl since she was 12 years old. This girl has paid her dues. Kate didnt just wake up one day, jump behind a lab top, and call her self a DJ. You hear the difference between her and the other djs; you see the difference in the crowd, the energy level, and the atmosphere changes. She loves what she does, and is a true Dj. She has a great ear, shes innovative, and exciting."


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