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DJ J-NICE is a premiere celebrity DJ, radio personality, marketer & event promoter as one of Hip-Hop & cross -overs most influential Dj's. J-Nice ranks among the top DJs in the country. J-Nice is PRESIDENT of “The Hittmenn DJs West”, which links with Atlanta. J-NICE has toured with ; Notorious Big, Lil Wayne, Dru-Hill, Queen Pen, Ashanti just to name a few. J-nice is also the official Dj for Shaquille O'Neal & Floyd Mayweather.

The DJ and musician is looking to help other artists as he is guided by his belief of looking back and giving a helping hand

DJ J-Nice is a versatile musician and DJ in Vanquish Entertainment, from Baltimore, Maryland, who began his career in college. He started djing at the Morgan State University and was doing parties for Bad Boy Records, after which he moved to Atlanta, GA, and continued djing for numerous artists.

He has had an interesting career trajectory djing for artists such as Keith Sweat, Queen Pen, Lil Wayne, Ashanti, Boys in the Hood, and Dru Hill. He progressed and got a gig Djing for Shaquille O’Neal during his time with the LA Lakers, and got an opportunity to move to Vegas as a DJ for Floyd Mayweather. DJ J-Nice obtained a residency gig and has been in Las Vegas ever since.

The DJ was able to overcome his greatest challenge of starting over his career in a place that was new to him when he left Atlanta for Las Vegas. He credits his musical inspiration to Tiesto, who is a model of consistency and diversity- essential ethics that the DJ hopes to replicate in his line of work.

DJ J-Nice will be releasing two of his highly-anticipated dance tracks which will be launched in 2022. The first track is scheduled for June, and it’s a BIG ROOM EDM TRACK, while the other- an EDM dance track- which features the voice of a super artist, is set to be released in November. The new releases promise to be diverse in trap and dance music, flavored with a unique sound that anyone can groove to, whether in the club, their cars, or in their homes. DJ J-Nice produces his work with Elektrohorse, who is one of the DJ’s best friends and a renowned producer in the music industry; Mike Shoddy, a Grammy-award winning producer; and Michael Fall, a producer from Germany. The DJ and the producer trio are also working on three major projects this year.

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