DJ Indigo


Since the beginning of his musical career Dj Indigo stood out with his unique music preference and approach in mixing. Coming from a different background distinguishes this Dj from those in Miami, Indigo dishes a unique style to the local club scene; a fresh Russian flavor. Throughout his journey as an entertainer, Dj Indigo searched for new ways to spice up his sounds. He believes there is more behind the Dj than its actual meaning, Disk Jockey. It’s what makes or breaks the night. At times Dj Indigo’s events were referred to as the most colorful and uplifting. His inspirations include the smooth grooves of Progressive House, clear beats of African drums as well as Southern American vibes.

He often says: "I live for the appreciation that I get from my crowd.” Dj Indigo was born in Russian Federation and began playing since he was sixteen. His passion for house music followed him all throughout college years as he started spinning in local clubs. Shortly after his arrival in Miami, Dj Indigo introduced himself as a musician to South Florida and started growing his list of followers ever since.


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