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For nearly 10 years, Dj IBra has established a signature musical style in Montreal’s thriving nightlife. By perfectly blending tribal grooves, funky soulful, sexy vocals, soul-shaking subs and dramatic heart pounding breakdowns, he has constantly unleashed musical mayhem on his dance floors, much to the delight of his fans and ultimately his soon-to-be fans.

Nevertheless, the road to his success was hardly an easy one. Producer Ibrahim Dahoui « a.K.a Dj IBra » was born on February 15th 1979, back in Lebanon at a time when the country was ravished by an unflattering war - it was in the same year that Danny Tenaglia discovered the Paradise Garage with Larry Levan and his infamous loft parties. This would be the root of his strong dedicated and compassionate personality.

His parents were avid music lovers and Dj IBra found himself exposed to the art at a very young age. He moved to Montreal, at the age of 17, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce/Management from Concordia University and later a degree in Sound Engineering from The Recording Arts School Of Canada. At the same time, he played records at clubs in the evening. He professionally began his dj-ing career at the age of 19 and quickly found himself a spot in the local House Music scene.

He has created, produced and marketed “Fusion Events” in Montreal since 2002. As a result of these endeavors, both Dj IBra and his events have earned a reputable name in the House music scene locally and abroad. These events have involved either a couple of djs playing tag team or verses and have included live performances by his production team -where bass, acoustic and electrical guitar, saxophone, banjo, electric piano, live synthesizer and violin have all been on the program.

Since then, he played in Montreal’s finest nightclubs : Stereo, Stereo Bar, Living Night Club, Illume, Times, Bubbles, Kokinos, London, Pure, Central Station, Sona, Mile End, Taro Supper Club, Club 1234, Myst Lounge, Tribe, House, Jet, System; along side local and international djs such as Behrouz , Dimitri from Paris , Cevin Fisher, Oscar G, Sultan, Anton M, David Morales, Frank Keller Junior (Belle Amour Paris), Bob Sinclair, Trevor Walker, Loco Fern, Dj Anton, Danny Torrence, Luc Raymond, XL, Simon P, among many others.

Already an influential name in Montreal, Dj IBra is now set to conquer the world with his unique take on House Music. He has already started a small international following in other countries where he has performed in Ukraine, Portugal, Spain and France.

Releasing over 13 original tracks and remixes on Fusion World Recordings, among other collaborations with international DJ’s, Bands & artists, such as April Ash, T.J, Nick Tohme, Julia Messenger, Eileen Quashie, award winning singer Shahin Badar, Ekayani and the healing band and Mzilikazi, Dj IBra is most undeniably becoming a prevailing key element in the House music industry. With enormous success on tracks such as «Aldabra», «Sonic perception» & «7th heaven», his music is played worldwide by established Djs and is staggeringly cherished by House music lovers from all over the world.

Keep your ears open – Dj IBra is flying your way.
We’ll See You Dancing & let the Music do the talking…


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