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'Like a tornado rolling across the horizon' - Amazon

'One of drum and bass's visionaries' IDJ

...Timeout magazine call him 'Uberproducer', Knowledge voted him best producer in the world two years running and refer to him as 'a legend', DJ Magazine have said his label Breakbeat Kaos is a 'sonic juggernaut' and his website has for the last two years been the highest ranking music message board on Mixmag have said 'It is almost impossible to go for thirty minutes on a drum and bass dance floor without hearing a DJ Fresh production'.

Dan began his musical mission at the tender age of 19 when back in 1998 he fronted the hit drum and bass band 'Bad Company', NME's 'Wu-Tang of drum and bass'. The first release ‘The Nine’ was voted ‘Best track of all time’ by 130,000 members of Drum and Bass arena. Bad went on to win virtually every accolade thinkable for a drum and bass act and were a phenomenon across the globe. After five years, Dan felt it was time to follow his own path. In 2003 he produced 'Mo-Fire' as his final Bad Company outing; the massive hit landed at 22 in the UK national charts. A few months later, Dan produced 'Miracles' with Adam F for The Petshop Boys as the lead single for their greatest hits album, it reached no.4; an almost unprecedented proliferation into the national charts for a genre that is so hi tech and underground. Dan can also count 12 entries at no.1 in the UK dance chart over the last five years and has yet to release a track that misses no.1 in the drum and bass chart compiled for the infamous radio 1 'Grooverider and Fabio show'. Perhaps this was one of the reasons Grooverider asked Fresh to produce his as yet unreleased album for Columbia records.

In 2003 Fresh started the label 'Breakbeat Kaos' with super-producer Adam F and immediately signed 'Pendulum' having brought them from their native home of Australia and resettled them in his London flat. Pendulum were described by Front magazine as 'The next prodigy' and after an incredible escalation of PR and radio hype they became possibly the biggest phenomenon to grace drum and bass since the nineties. Their album 'Hold Your Colour' was hailed as an instant classic worldwide, and is the first gold album to appear on an independant drum and bass label.

Fresh himself began working on his own solo outing for Breakbeat Kaos - 'Escape from Planet monday' and enlisted the help of The Petshop Boys, DJ Shadow, Apollo 440 and even Jeremy Beadle for an album that Touch magazine described as 'A Triumph', DJ Magazine as 'Breathtaking' and HMV as 'Incredible'..

'Epic. Another major album release for Breakbeat Kaos' - One Week to Live

Fresh from his recent 'Golddust' release, recently licensed by ministry of sound and counted in IDJ's top 5 tunes of 2008 DJ Fresh is currently working on a new as yet untitled album for release mid 2009, when his Live Soundweapon project featuring MC Ivory will be rekindled for it's live performance.