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Fri Sep 9 · 12 pm
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Sat Sep 10 · 10:30 pm
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Fri Sep 16 · 10 pm
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Eric Nagrampa, better known by his name, DJ E-Rock, earned his chops in the pre-Serato days and has built one of the strogest brans in the DJ business today. He is currently the Saturday night resident at one of the most premier venues on the strip in Las Vegas, Haze Nightclub, where he is the focal point of the nights branding; "E-Rock Saturdays." He also maintains monthly residencies at San Diego's most exclusive venue, Fluxx Nightclub, Hollywood hotspot, AV nightclub, and San Francisco staple, Infusion Lounge, where he is also the program director and talent buyer. Outside of his monthly residencies, he plays quarterly in Scottsdale, Sacramento, Atlantic City, Chicago, St. Louis, Reno and other cities.

E-Rock has also rocked the turntables for an A-list of clientele, including John Legend, Akon, Nelly, Colin Kaepernick, CC Sabathia, Barry Bonds, Jamie Foxx, Lil Jon, Travis Barker, Macklemore, T-Pain, Pauly D, Tommy Lee, and more. Some of his corporate clients include Apple, San Francisco Giants, Heineken, Bud Light, Acrylick, Shoe Palace, and more. Even with the celebrity/corporate rolodex and high profile clubs, don't expect Dj E-Rock to forget his roots. "I have always treated every opportunity with the utmost importance. Whether the venue was big or small, I always went for it - and I still do. I'm never too cool to play for a small venye anywhere peopel are ready tp have fun." Nor is he too cool to spin records in front of tens of thousands - especially when it's at the same home games of his beloved San Francisco Giants.


"It's extremely important to research what's hot in each city; it's how you engage your crowd. I would love to only play what I want, of course, by as a DJ, you're there to make thousands of people have fun. Making a difference in someone's night is my favorite part of DJing."

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