The North American bass dub slinger DZ is no stranger to dance floors worldwide with his tunes being played by the likes of Rusko, Diplo, Herve, the Crookers, MRK1, Hank Shocklee and Starkey, and with all the blog releases and freebies as of late probably hundreds of up and coming dj’s around the globe.

Definitely among the most influential and widely recognized dubstep artists in North America, DZ has made his name with an almost robot-like consistency of quality productions and releases on a variety of labels internationally, as well as higher profile remixes for the likes of Jokers of the Scene, The Crookers , Wu-tang Clan, Major Lazer and Gucci Mane. With the release of his first full length LP ‘The Proliferation Sequence’, a massive 26 tune offering split into two parts (Jan 5/19, 2010 on Badman Digital), DZ is about to strengthen the claim that he just may be the most prolific dubstep artist in North America yet.


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