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With the over saturation of DJs, especially in Hollywood, Dainjazone needed to make some power moves that would break him into the same category as the best club DJs in the country. In the summer of 2010, Dainjazone Joined forces with LMFAO’s Party Rock Crew and Moodswing360 (one of the biggest artist/DJ agencies in the country).

In the mist of these big steps, fate continued to work in Dainjazone’s favor as he earns a 2011 residency at The Palms in Las Vegas. He’ll be put on two of the biggest stages in Vegas as he opens up for big name electro producers at world famous Rain and holds down the prime time slots at Moon. He will also make bi-monthly appearances at the biggest weekday party in Vegas: Snitch located inside Ghostbar

In a city where politics run the show, Dainjazone discovered a loophole in the industries set ways by earning a residency on LMFAO’s Party Rock Wednesdays at world famous Drai’s Hollywood. He holds a monthly residency at Kress and continues to get booked around Hollywood and greater LA.

Being that Dainjazone is categorized as a new wave DJ, he is the prime example for the new era on how to break down barriers in this business. From sharing stages with acts such as LMFAO, Far East Movement and Hyper Crush; to rocking world famous clubs; co-hosting a DJ famous online show; having representation by an elite agency; consistently being ranked in the top 500 for podcast downlaods around the world; and holding residencies, Dainjazone owns the right to be titled “Leader Of The New School”.

In an era where anybody can buy a lap top and call themselves a DJ, Dainjazone stresses creativity and structure to separate him from the rest. He has traveled the country as a student of the game, inspired by the best djs to polish his style and to provoke his innovative ways.

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