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I was born & raised here in Las Vegas, NV. I First became interested in djing around 1996, however was not taking it seriously until 2002. I transitioned into djing towards the end of my professional dance career. I was originally a hip hop dancer that also picked up B-boying (Break Dancing) and unfortunately dancing was not in the public eye as much as it is today so my dancing career was lookingvery bleak so in hopes of keeping a career driven by music, my one true love, i moved to djing with the help of my good friends DJ Karma, DJ Sumkid, DJ David Christian & Dj Hollywood. I played to a crowd for the first time ever when i had to cover for DJ Karma at a lounge show inside the Palms casino. I literally danced on stage jumped off and hopped onto the turntables. From there Karma was kind enough to take me with him to fill a radio spot at a club called 7. This is where we met our good friend DJ David Christian. We didn't care for each other at first and I'm sure that would have been an epic battle as we are all street kids however DJ David Christian broke the barrier and showed us how good of a man he was by buying us drinks and offering his wisdom as to the inner workings of the nightclub crowd. From there we were inseparable. He took Karma & I to a club called ICE and we resided there for a few years before he took Karma to be the resident DJ for a club called Tangerine inside of TI casino and then took me to open up PURE nightclub. From there I was blessed to watch up close every DJ i had ever looked up to. DJ AM, DJ JAZZY JEFF, DJ RIZ, DJ MIX MASTER MIKE, DJ Z-TRIP, DJ MARK RONSON, DJ A-TRAK etc ... I don't believe there is a dj i have yet to see wand learn from. Thanks to those experiences I was able to take what i saw and adapt it to what i was doing at the time and develop my own sound. I'm unbelievably blessed to be where i am today and would never have made it if it wasn't for the wonderful people i met along the way. I thank god and my friends everyday and would never change a thing. I have accomplished a few things that I'm very proud of i have won the award for best main room dj three years running from multiple organizations. Which would have never happened without any of you who are reading this now. THANK YOU GUYS FOR KEEPING MY CAREER GOING AND GIVING ME THE MOTIVATION TO WALK INTO WORK EVERY NIGHT WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. I would be no one if I didn't have anyone who cared to listen to me and support me.

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