DJ C Lopez


DJ C Lopez was born in Miami Florida. He started as a DJ in 2000 at Toronto Canada, and then he moved from Toronto to Miami to start his career as a DJ/producer. He had spin in different club of Miami and the world like: Opium Garden, Nocturnal Miami, The Fifth Miami, and many more. Clubs out of The States Moments Toronto Canada, V club, The Gallery Panama and many more.

More About DJ C Lopez
DJ C Lopez produce house music since 2005, and his style of music is a combination of drums , a diversity of key board sounds with a house beat .
His first production called Electro Funk was received with great expectations and great comments from other local DJs and local audiences. From that year on he has produced numerous well known tracks, which have released with different record labels such as Colombian Records, South Records and Department of Dance Records. This DJ has a very successful local and international carrier in other countries outside of the United States like, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Canada, and Chile. He is well known with several recognized international DJs such a Nikolas, Tom Sawyer, Christian Falero, Gabriel Robella, LeMoch, Ivano Bellini, Patricia Star,DJ Rooster & Sammy peralta, Parantula, Alex Sanchez, Angello Mucciaccito, Dr. Fly, Sean Collir, and many more, as well with local DJs like Nicolas Gonzalez, Parantula, Joe Cozzi, DJ Calderin, Juan E, Diaga, Andrew Chibale, and others.

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