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DJ BEE aka BEESUS, a self described turntablist with over 10 years behind the 1200’s, hails from the “land of ill Dj’s and cheesesteaks”. From PA to VA, this Philly native gets it poppin on commercial radio, weeknights from 6p-10p on “Da Block” and Sun 7p-9p with “Needle To The Groove” on 103 Jamz in Norfolk, VA.  Also check Dj Bee out on 106.5 The Beat in Richmond, Va for “Classix at Noon” 11:55 am est.  The newest venture, Dj Bee has created “Fresh Radio”, a 24/7 streaming online station that plays Classic and Progressive Hip-Hop, R&B and classic mixtapes and radio shows(  (Current Mixshows:, (Past radio experiences: Sirius/XM from 2005 to 2009, AOL Radio,, X105.7 Baltimore, MD)

DJ BEE is well on his way to being another legendary DJ from the “City of Brotherly Love”. From wining bodies in Jamaica, making heads bob on the block, getting his mixtape grind on and making em’ sweat in the clubs, DJ BEE believes there is no limit to his goal

FROM BEE TO YOU: “I want the normal ear to understand turntablism as an art form. I’m a turntablist and I incorporate that into my set in the clubs, on my mix tapes/cds and on the radio. It is important to develop a formula where you can please the masses but still do you. I’ve developed a formula that’s not over the top. I don’t over do anything and I DON’T overdo the “bring it back more than 3 times” rule. I can mix and blend any type of music, read the crowd at a party but in a way a 40 year old woman will be like damn he killin it! I can murder any radio show w/skills and creativity from intros and drops that I produced my self!!!”

A true DJ is not without influences. DJ BEE’S influences are GOD (who is a Dj),Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambatta, Jazzy Jay, Kool Herc, Grandmixer D.S.T., Larry Levan, Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Dj Miz, Dj Spinbad(Philly),Dj Scratch, Dj Spinbad(Queens), Tat Money, Scott La Rock, Brewser, Jay-Ski, Dj Law, Lonnie B, Dj Ramon, Dj Ron, Dj Clarence, Dj Technics, Dj Drake, Revolution, Q-Bert, Short Cut, Dj Disk, Dj Rectangle, Mixmaster Mike, Dj Melo-D, Dj Babu, Klever, Dj Craze, The Late Grandmaster Roc Raida… with more to come.

LORD BEESUS: “I am truly blessed! DJing is my passion, my art, my life. I am blessed to be able to do what I love and to feed my family off of my passion. My family is important to me and they keep me focused because I know I have to continue to feed and provide for them; plus I love the Hip Hop Culture and the artform of DJing so much that this is all I want to do, I don’t want to do anything else. I’m forever grateful”.

DJ BEE’s crew affiliations are amongst the best in the country. sKrAtcH*mAkAnIKs Crew, a Philly based turntable crew w/Dj’s Excel, Adam-Bomb, Jay-Ski, Sat-One, Kweston, JeyOne, Aktive, Elixir, Spinbad, A-Vee, & Dj Bonics.  Funkmaster Flex’s Big Dawg Pitbulls, 456 Sound-A reggae sound based outta D.C. formed by the super FunkRegulator CELO, Leo G’s 66Raw.Com Shoguns, some of the hottest DJs all across the country puttin’ it down on the tables and the Element #1 crew based in VA w/Dj and friend DJ E.


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