DJ Bambu


Born in Cuba, rafting to Miami, DJ Bambu has always had a compelling sense of style. Truly raised in California, DJ Bambu started in the typical manner, damaging needles since the age of 12. His talent truly ripened around age 14 after picking up his first set of Technics turntables to improve his gigs with whom he looked upto at the time, who included Bad Boy Bill, Richard Humpty Vission, DJ Rectangle and a few others at the top of the California Music scene. DJ Bambu’s attention to detail and professional behavior had national and international ramifications with events in Austin, Houston, Miami, San Diego, Visalia, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Exporting fun to SoCal, Rosarito, Ensenada and Baja California has immersed and broadened DJ Bambu’s approach and technic when it comes to different cultures. He has been courted to do events in Canada, England, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Most of DJ Bambu’s early work in California centered around the Florentine Gardens, The Arena, Club Blue, Tropicana and Las Palmas Hollywood just to name a few. His Las Vegas venues include, OPM, Treasure Island, Palms, The Wynn, Voodoo Lounge at Rio, MGM, HardRock and various others. DJ Bambu also seems to be a favorite of the “adult” scene, playing countless swingers events, the annual Las Vegas Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball, and Playboy events.

Bambu has also been a major player in the Las Vegas Corporate/Club/Latin music scene in spreading the entertainment value of music to all enthusiasts, including youths. He coordinates major events throughout the year to promote music to all ages. His influence has greatly expanded the types of music these youths are exposed to. With his passion to spread the awareness of music, Bambu plans on traveling and discovering more musical influences to incorporate into mixes as well as his productions. There are two things that are always on DJ Bambu’s mind, MUSIC & SUSHI! I guess you can never go wrong with those two. So next time you see him, at the nightclub or at your local sushi restaurant be sure to say Hello.

DJ Bambu, attributed to be one of the finest turntablists, says of the accolades; “I just want the crowd to have as much fun as I do”. That’s what he says when he feels the occasion calls for the humble response. Catch him on the right night and he might tell you, “…it Ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up, So don’t come up if you can’t get down!!!”


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