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Chester Deitz, AKA DJ Aero, is a born turntablist who in the past few years has blended his style of scratching, beat juggling and beat blending to make him one of the most exciting entertainers in the Industry.

A true Hollywood story, in 1999, DJ Aero was plucked out of obscurity by Tommy Lee - from a submitted videotape - and immediately put on tour w/ Tommy's new band, Methods of Mayhem. At the time, Aero (well, Chester Deitz) was the West Coast Regional Training Manager for Buffets Inc.

Approaching 2004, having traveled the world and having played throughout the United States on various gigs and with various outfits, Aero has performed in nearly every stadium and event center.

DJ Aero, mostly a hip-hop and West Coast-inspired turntablist, is one of the most high-profile and active members of the world famous "Heavyweights" crew - a Disc Jockey collective featuring dj's for Snoop Dogg, Everlast, Korn, and Dilated Peoples.

DJ Aero is currently well-recognized as the resident dj and sound designer for the Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huck Jam Tour - the most popular extreme sports tour in the country. DJ Aero also tours around the world with Tommy Lee as a duo with Aero spinning the wax that is hooked up to an array of FXs & custom gismos controled by Tommy.