Divan is the youngest Cuban singer of Urban Music: he has become quickly a phenomenon since he immediately reached an unbelievable popularity getting for his videos millions of views. He is clearly the new generation star.

He can already count on important partnership with artists such as: Jacob Forever (ex Gente De Zona), Leoni Torres (Ex Charanga Habanera), El Chacal, El Principe, Jay Maly and others, all tracks listened in the Cuban radios and the Cuban Television. His singles confirmed his talent and “Nadie Mas” performed with Jacob Forever and “Me Equivoqué” with Leoni Torres became super hits.

2015: he is working on his first album,  produced in the “Oficina Secreta” by the creator of many global successes, Osmany Espinosa. The track “Pelearnos Un Ratico” is the hit playing now in Cuban radios and, after being a smasshing hit in Cuba, went beyond the borders and it is now being played in the most important  USA radios.

October 7, 2016: His first album "#NuevoMundo” is launched.

Divan is a Planet Records worldwide exclusive.


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