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Edgardo Emmanuel Zayas was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was raised around a lot of music influences from his father, who was the go-to guitarist and vocalist, for Christmas night caroling (also known as “Parrandas”), in Puerto Rico. He received influences from folkloric Puerto Rican Music, Salsa, Merengue, and lots of 80’s pop music (thanks to his parents, who had studied in the U.S.). As he grew into his teens, he was influenced by his peers in the underground music scene. Around 1997, he asked his parents if he could get "The Fugees" cassette. From there, his love of Hip hop started (just about anything from "A Tribe Called Quest," to "Wu-Tang." Around the age of 13, his parents relocated to South Florida, in search of “a better life.” Eddie was very culture shocked, due to the language barrier and was bullied all throughout his middle school years. At the age of 16, he went back to Puerto Rico and reunited with his neighborhood friends. When he got to Puerto Rico, he was amazed by how much the underground Hip hop scene had changed, into what is now known as Reggaeton. He was taken to an event called “The Creeps” (which took place in caves). From a distance, he heard a familiar, yet foreign sound. As he walked closer to the mesmerizing sound that was coming out of this sound system, he saw a sea full of dancing people. Eddie saw a huge cave, and in the front of it there was this massive stage, with 2 guys on turntables -- Ed Rush and Optical. That’s where he discovered the sounds of DRUM & BASS and instantly grew a love and passion for this rare 178 bpm, which went through the needles and straight into his heart and soul. From there, the rest is history!!

He returned to South Florida, seeking this sound, and found Beatcamp at the verge of its end. Then, he met Dj.Burn (aka Juan Basshead), who followed and supported the mutual love for drum and bass. Seeing the drive that a lot of the peers he met throughout the years have had, he decided to buy some turntables and learn how to DJ. From there, he went on to perform at a lot of house parties and weddings, practicing and better developing his craft. Since then, he has played and MC hosted, at many different venues and events in South Florida and Puerto Rico, with many of the people that he has looked up to, throughout the years: Dara, Ed rush and Optical, John b, Andy C, C4C, Empire X, Z-TRIP, Dirtyphonics, Infaltrata aka 12 planet, A-sides, Juan Basshead, Danny Bled, Somejerk, Alex m, Lo Hi Stereo and Kryteria… Just to name a few.

He has always been a music aficionado, but drum and bass has always been at the forefront for him, which brings us to the present with his latest project: United D&B with partner Danny Bled (one of the most respected and well-known DJs in the South Florida edm industry). He is also very honored and proud to be a part of the Basshead Music team. So, be on the lookout for United D&B and Basshead Music, to take this to the next level.

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