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Dino G


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After experiencing the life of a Foster Child and being phisically and mentally abused by the many people and things around him, he began to take alot of anger in as a young boy. With the leaving of his mother and her bad drug habits and the abandonment of his father, his life began with a fatel confusion of not knowing what to do with himself. After Damico Unique Green (Dino G) was taking in by there grandmother, Dino G started to see a new Life. While attending school and being in the streets, hanging around the wrong crowd, he began to see things younger people usually don't experience. With taking all the drama in and building himself up, He had a couple people that helped him survive while in the streets. Not saying drug dealing or robbing anyone, he just did certain things on the streets to gain respect, although he was tested throughout the gang life as he was growing up, but still manage to not join any gang. Dino G made his first appearance in the music life in the 3rd grade, beating on tables and getting everyones attention in the school. By middle school, Dino G Began to attend small talent shows and small performances. With Young fans and people noticing how talented this young man was, Dino G Began The Confidential Stage Of Comfort. During Junior High School Dino G Attended More Talent Shows And Began battle rapping other young and older artist in the city. Everywhere Dino G went he was known as a young rapper ready to come up and battle another rapper without being scared of anything. As High School Came around, Dino G Joined a group called A-Squad Who was Very well know in the city. After a confrontation with one of Dino G's Street Outsiders and one of Dino G's group members, its caused a conflict of interest, so Dino G Stepped Down As a Solo Artist, And Forming His Own Alliance. Dino Dropped Various Mixtapes With the alliance (The Society) And Began His Aggressive Career. Experiencing Many family losses and Going through many Tragic and personal situations, Dino G Moved to Atlanta Ga to follow the big dream of his life after Graduating From Kankakee High School. Now Dino G Is Currently Working On A Major Album With Major Artist And Producers in the industry.


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