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Best Female Hip Hop Artist Nominee for the 2012 BET Awards, Diamond just released her new mixtape “The Young Life” and is continuing the hard work that it takes for a female rapper to make it big in today’s music industry. With biased media on every corner bashing female rappers and not understanding what message that sends to the youth, Diamond has taken this bumpy path to prove that any female can be themselves and still make it! Yes this has been said before, but has it really changed? Do women still have the same shot at just being themselves or is there still work to be done to make things equal?

Even though Diamond has received more success recently, rumors never seem to leave Diamond. Her relationships have been put on display for others to criticize and money issues have been thrown everywhere in the media, even though most have been false information. It may just come with the territory considering all the talent Diamond has to offer as an artist.

In the beginning of her career Diamond gained stardom in 2004 when she was in Crime Mob with their single “Knuck If You Buck” (certified platinum). Their next charting single, “Rock Yo Hips“, was released in August 2006 and was followed by a second album “Hated on Mostly” in March 2007.

In November 2007, Diamond left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career as a female rapper. Since then Diamond released a number of mixtapes “Bitch Muzik Vol. 1“, “Bitch Muzik Vol. 2, “P.M.S (Pardon My Swag) and more.

In 2010, Diamond appeared on the remix version of “My Chick Bad” along with Trina and Eve. In the summer of 2010 Diamond released her debut single “Lotta Money” which also appeared on BET’s 106 & Park. Also in 2010 Diamond released her 4th mixtape “Cocaine Waitress” with accompanying music videos in 2011 for “Hit Dat Hoe” ft Wacka Flocka , “Honey Bun” , “NFL NBA” , and “Bottle Poppin’”!

Diamond will continue to work hard to prove to the naysayers that it can be done! So Stay Inspired…


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