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Demi has been lighting up dancefloors worldwide for the better part of the last decade, earning his reputation initially through his “Deeper Substance” events in London which featured a wide-ranging musical philosophy that spanned all shades of electronica.
Whether he’s performing at the biggest global festivals, opening up for some of the planet’s most influential DJs or headlining marathon sets deep in the caverns of the underground, Demi's intense desire to create, and re-recreate a sonic picture has kept his fire burning more than any award, nomination or adulation that has come his way.
His humble beginnings stem back to his days at university, and soon after graduating he was the right person at the right time to take on a summer residency at Double Six in Bali, Indonesia – a club that has gained a first-class reputation among premier DJs and travelling punters. Performing regular extended sets here helped him hone in on his skills and he developed a loyal following on the island, which acted as a catalyst for what would follow.

Upon returning to his city of birth, London, Demi spent the next few years (2001-2004) hosting an event that started out as an engagement party. This 'one-off' spawned Deeper Substance, and thus a new monthly ritual began to gather momentum. Through a fun website that focused on images and anecdotes, an array of star guests that Demi and his partners (Sian Evans and Alex Sansford) were able to bring onboard, and a musical vision that remained true to his house roots, Deeper Substance and its sister night, Substantially Deeper, started to turn heads of leading figures in the industry. BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong featured the night and soon after Demi was given the opportunity to host his brand of sonic mayhem alongside John Digweed’s huge Bedrock nights. During this period, a chance meeting and a mix tape – which fell into the hands of NYC’s Danny Tenaglia – led to a personal invite to spin alongside the legendary DJ at his residency at Arc. He played a subsequent six times at the club as well as spinning alongside Danny on numerous occasions both in Miami during WMC and on his rare visits to London. Demi reflects fondly on these early years as 'a pivotal and defining period in his life behind the decks'. And so the ever-increasing passion to go one step further continued…

October 2004 saw the closing of his beloved Deeper Substance nights with an unforgettable bash at The Rhythm Factory, which featured Groove Armada and surprise guest Gram’ma Funk. What followed was a two-year-long bi-monthly residency in a city whose die-hard clubbers immediately warmed to this young spirit. Boa in Toronto became a ‘home away from home’ for Demi as he blitzed through marathon after marathon set. With firm foundations set in Toronto and London, Demi began to tour the world extensively, charming the masses with his infectious ability to captivate at such world-renowned venues as Womb in Tokyo, Warung in Brazil and Pacha in Ibiza... The list goes on, yet the effect was always true to his desire.

Shortly after, Deeper Substance Records was born as a creative outlet for Demi and his collaborators. The first two releases ‘Gearbox’ and ‘D-Drive’ represented a heavier club sound and were an insight into his early workings as a producer. Demi then jumped at the chance to work with producer friend Trifactor on a David Bowie remix project and their remix of ‘Let’s Dance’ was featured on a specially commissioned release of Bowie remixes. Several other remix projects followed, including with Peter Kriek from 16 Bit Lolitas for the club hit ‘Supernova’ by Mashtronic on SexOnWax, Kris Menace’s massive ‘Discopolis’ for Defected, and Leg Soup’s ‘Wonderland’ on Art & Craft. He furthermore showed another side to his sound with a remix for the ever-eclectic Sunday Best label. The track "Folder" by Plastic Operator went on to become one of Sunday Best's more notable hits.

For the last few years, Demi’s focus has been on the SOS Collective, the titanic triumvirate that he co-founded along with fellow sonic rogue warriors Desyn Masiello and Omid 16B, working off each other’s musical leanings to create a unique and unified sound.
Together they have become one of the most formidable DJ teams around, whose incendiary, underground supercharged house and tech-flecked grooves and sample dropping have been responsible for raising parties to the ground on a global scale.
In 2005, the trio stunned the globe with a three-hour Essential Mix for Radio 1 that was broadcast to millions. The zenith of their collaboration was 2008’s “Balance 13” mix CD set, a triple-disc opus that showed off the SOS crews penchant for mixing and matching a huge range of styles and sounds Featuring everything from the Cure to classic Inner City, to exclusive SOS edits and contemporary club tracks and grooves, the CD was the initial seed planted to the public. They’ve emerged from an exciting digital era when live remixes, personal edits and inimitable shows all allowed for differentiation, and this is where the SOS trailblazers continue to shine with their innovative approach to DJing.

Demi, along with SOS, have been holding their own with their Ministry of Sound Residency since 2007. They consistently fill the club by unleashing three-headed sonic assaults on all those who set foot on the dancefloor. It was only a matter of time before the world famous brand lent their might and enlisted SOS to kickstart a brand new 'Club Series Sessions'
The album was released in feb 2010 and sets a blueprint of the next step for this self-effacing personality
Expect to be given what you need, not necessarily what you expect. The journey continues...


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