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There are many techno producers whose works are devoid of the subtleties that would suggest a wider musical competency and understanding. Then there are those whose grooves are infused with painstakingly produced little details and a sense of wonderment that reaches beyond beyond mere dancefloor functionality. Whether he’s producing thumping techno or downtempo chillout, David Gtronic’s sense of musicality always shines through.

He is largely known for what he likes to term “aggressive”, hard grooving techno - but it’s those obscured flourishes of organic elements that colour his sound which really set him apart from the pack. Captivating releases that he’s released on labels such as Suara, Monique Musique, Kina Music, Serkal, Oblack and Moan Recordings and remixes for the likes of Santos and Yaya have found support from the likes of techno deities including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Loco Dice and Dubfire.

His Terrace Podcast has grown since launching in August 2008 to reach almost 1,000,000 downloads in total, showcasing his eclectic and carefully-crafted journey-style DJ sets to listeners across the world. Whatever he puts his hands to, it’s always imbued with the sense of musical mysticism and contrast between the natural and the artificial that he strives to bring to life.

David relishes the challenge of crafting techno that reveals itself gradually to the careful listener, emotions embossed into his pounding rhythms by way of subtle textures and melodies that lay deep beneath the surface. His mesmerising collaborative mini-album with Dutch producer Lilith, Lagrimas Del Sol, recently demonstrated his prowess in marrying eclectic, traditional sounds to complex dancefloor grooves, with pianos, cellos and much more woven into this fascinating musical tapestry. Created over the course of several months between their respective homes of Miami and Amsterdam and working with some of Europe’s most revered session musicians, it represented a new high in his career arc and boldly underlined his desire to create sonic artefacts that set themselves apart from run-of-the-mill formulaic dance music.

With his more recent EP alongside Romanian stars Livio & Roby and his collaboration with Santos, David Gtronic’s stock has risen further still, with each release continuing to cement his reputation as one of techno’s more adventurous and musically-minded producers.

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