David Delano


Already a force in the Southern California club scene, David Delano is expanding his horizons and looking at bringing his brand of House and Club music to the world.

David has played multiple venues in Colombia, Italy and Greece.

David possesses a flare for music and is a technician on how he moves the crowd.

Visit YouTube, type “DJ David Delano” and begin to experience the man and his music for yourself.

Those who have been lucky to experience his talents in person continue to come back for more.

Through his determination and hard work, he is now capturing the attention of some of those who he began studying.

He was asked by Richard Vission to join the twenty year old mixshow institution of PowerTools. The show is the longest running mixshow in the U.S.

Not to be boxed in just as a DJ, David credits long time radio veteran Swedish Egil for peaking his interest in producing.

Through some of his early work David has also caught the ear of Paul Oakenfold.

David released a remix of Shannon's Let The Music Play on Oakenfold’s label Perfecto which hit #2 on Itunes Dance Charts and was featured on Oakenfold's Vegas mix CD. He was also tapped to remix The Joyriders' London in Da House which was a huge international hit and could be heard on many djs sets and podcasts.

David is quickly becoming an accomplished producer and ambassador of dance music.

House music is his greatest influence and to quote the man “House music is a way of life!”

DJ David Delano is a one man force to experience and he shows no signs of stopping as long as the people of the world keep dancing.


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