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Made in New York and established in Los Angeles, 21-year-old music sensation David Dann has gained a defined recognition as a leading class DJ, producer and performer. He has had the ability to spread his inspirational wings across 4 continents and 15 countries, mostly occurring only in the last year. Dann has literally had the musical touch since he was a child, considering his piano teacher's fascination at his quick learning tactics on the piano thus aspiring himself to learn the instrument on his own. Since the age of 16, Dann had the privilege to spin at some of the top nightclubs in the country. He knew and cemented his affirmed and natural desire of sharing his passion with others.
Despite Dann's rigorous schedule with meetings, touring and gigs, the ambitious musician maintains his well-earned position as a student at the esteemed University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). David is currently touring throughout South America for his second time, as his name and vibe of his enthusiastic love and knowledge for music dominates. It is obvious that his fan base is continuously growing in vast numbers both internationally. "Mind of a Genius" is what Dann entitles his well put together masterpiece and a slogan he abides by nonetheless in the aspect of how far he has come along through all these works. Each work has a portion of Dann hidden within the music as well as a message he attempts to genuinely bring to his listeners. Set aside, David spends most of his free time in the studio focusing on releasing his album and remixing artists that have immensely influenced him. Whether you're over hearing a conversation about nightly events, constantly seeing his ubiquitous plastered stickers, hearing your friend’s favorite podcast in their car, David Dann 's name, face and music has created a name on its own. “This is just the beginning”, he says.

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