Davi Mello


He is not a rock star because that’s just not him. He doesn’t want to be Bon Jovi or Metallica because he can’t sing. He is not about shiny suits, politics, drinking and/or doing drugs. It’s not about fame, flashing lights, red carpet, partying all night, driving flashy cars, girls or groupies. It’s about people, the high hats, kicks, snares, drums and bass lines. It’s the reason Moby listens to Carl Cox and Mark Oliver. It’s why Manzone & Strong, Pete Tong, Mark Knight, Chus and Ceballos, Pig Dan and Green Velvet tour the world. It’s why the Junkies chose to perform with Sydney Blu and Nathan Barato. That’s why house, progressive, tech house and techno have been around for so many years, and why only the elite perform at Tomorrowland and worldwide.

That’s why he is a DJ and creator of music. It’s a dream to have a common language – to be a great communicator. He won’t save the world, but it makes the wounds, the hunger, the bombs, the racism, the prejudice and the negligence a little easier to the war against. He wants to bring pensiveness to house, progressive, tech house and techno. He wants to be the venue where house, progressive, tech house and techno culture is provoked to listen to thoughts and ideas. He has a lofty dream of one day being able to fill any size venue from club to stadium, have people unite at the dividing line that separates urban from rural.

At a very young age Davi Mello fell in love with the underground sounds and deep melody from clubs such as Viva Nightclub, The Guvernment, Film Lounge,
Footwork, The Basement, Lily Lounge and Comfort Zone. He has many influences from Tiesto, Carl Cox, Sydney Blu, Armin Van Helden, Armin Van Buuren, Pig Dan, Mark Knight, Mark Oliver, Chus & Ceballos, Pete Tong, Manzone & Strong, Green Velvet, The Junkies, Nathan Barato just to name a few.

Davi is unique to his style because he doesn’t have only one sound. He has played Vinyl Nightclub in Guelph, The Loft in Guelph, Revolution Nightclub AKA Pearl Nightclub in Kitchener, O Lounge in Hamilton, and Lily Lounge in Toronto. In these clubs Davi played alongside The Sour DJ’s, DJ Jace, Benny Knox, Jermz, Deejay Chaotic, DJ 4 eyez, Uncle J, Bee Bee, Sandro Pacitti and many others. Davi has also played live on Pure EDM radio, Dance Radio.ca, and Whistle Radio.ca. Davi has worked on some of his own productions and will be released at a later date.


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