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Early years (1990-2000)

Dresden's zeal for dance music and culture developed early in high school where he frequented local Connecticut dance clubs and befriended the Café's DJ Moby, a local dj hero at the time. His early experiences at the Café' fueled his passion to immerse himself in the culture that would become his career and lifelong obsession. From there, he purchased a pair of pitch controlled cd players and got to work. Dresden quickly cultivated a following due to his simple but effective music policy; play the right track at the right time and only play great songs. His ambitions did not stop with spinning. While he continued to play in the clubs sometimes five nights a week, he became a dance music journalist by day. Dresden was named a reporter to the Billboard dance chart, and he began writing reviews and features for national magazines such as DMA, DJ Times and Mixer. Dresden profiled Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Masters at Work, Todd Terry, Sasha & Digweed, Puff Daddy, BT, Crystal Method, Keoki, Josh Wink, Chemical Brothers, and Deep Dish. Many of these artists' first American press came through Dresden's journalism efforts.

Since his affiliation with respected publications gave him easier access to obscure and unreleased tunes upfront, that gave him an edge. Dresden regularly contributes his A&R skills to Promo Only CD's and its "Mainstream Club" and "Alternative Club" series. In addition, he scouts new music for Pete Tong's highly influential Essential Selection radio show on the BBC Radio 1. Through his efforts there, Dresden has hipped Pete to some rather large records, three of which have become "Essential New Tunes", Tong's method of gauging a guaranteed hit. Dresden's wide knowledge of dance music led to the opportunity to help select songs for Nettwerk Records popular Plastic compilation series. Dresden has also had a hand in producing compilation cd's and single releases with other independent labels such as Strictly Hype, 4 Play and Max Music. In addition, he's accredited by his own releases for Strictly Hype's trance offshoot Sunrise; Trancendence: The First Wave, and the hit packed Transit. His radio career began with the long running, highly rated "Electro Circus," which aired on Hartford, Connecticut's modern rock station WMRQ from 1997 until 2000. Dresden's radio career continued as music director and on-air personality for GrooveRadio, an internet radio station during the year 2000.

Gabriel & Dresden (2001-2008)

Gabriel and Dresden Logo.Dave was a club deejay in a suburb of New York City as well as a renowned US dance music journalist. He became the Music Director of grooveradio.com and met Pete Tong, who asked him to help find music for the Essential Selection. [2] They met at a party being hosted by grooveradio.com at the Miami Winter Music Conference in March 2001. Josh Gabriel gave Leon Alexander a record, the record was "Wave 3", which Dave then gave to Pete Tong, and he played it on the Essential Selection and also used it for his compilation that same year. Pete gave Dave the opportunity to do a spec mix of New Order and Dave asked Josh to work on it with him. The two joined forces in 2001 and made a name for themselves by creating numerous remixes. In 2002 Gabriel & Dresden released their first single "Lament" (Saw Recordings) in the United States. The duo released numoerous singles and number one Billboard hits like Tracking Treasure Down and Dangerous Power; They also released one self-titled studio album together, Gabriel & Dresden (album).

The duo won the 2007 and 2008 IDMA award for "America's Best DJ". He has achieved 16 Billboard Dance Chart #1 hits as "Gabriel & Dresden", composed music that has appeared on FOX, HBO, NBC and CBS TV shows. Gabriel & Dresden have their own record label, Organized Nature, and they are about to release a new record as Andain, in which he co-wrote and produced. Gabriel has also invented a new pro-audio web application that will be available to the public in Winter 2008.

Solo (2008)

The duo finished their last tour with two appearances at the WMC in Miami. They played an incredible 5+ hour set at the Pawn Shop on March 28, 2008 and a closing 1 hour set at the Beatport/Remix Hotel Pool Party at the National Hotel on March 30, 2008 (with visuals provided by VJ Psyberpixie). Dave Dresden has recently collaborated with Chris Cox on a track called "Hole Wide" that was played on Pete Tong's Essential Selection on April 4th 2008. Dave is also working with Trent Cantrelle on a remix of Serge Devant's cover of The Beloved's "Sweet Harmony." A logo for Dave Dresden was made on 2008. On June 22, Dave will appear on Tiësto's In Search of Sunrise: North American Summer Tour 2008 in Connecticut.

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