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Darling Stilettos


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Rebellion, swagger and talent have always brought forth the best rock & roll, from Guns N’ Roses and The Clash to The Ramones and The Rolling Stones. But if edgy, defiant sounds have been perfected, the strong dose of sexuality that the Darling Stilettos bring to the stage adds an essential and long-overdue element.

A trailblazing rock & roll outfit, the Stilettos – fronted by Ace Harper, the Darling Stilettos’ founding diva – have already conquered Hollywood with their attention-grabbing, attitudinal moves. Now, with the advent of “Devil’s Little Rebel”, the first of many originals inspired by inspired by the gods of punk and hard rock, this quartet’s scorching live spectacle is ready for world domination in 2009.

Bolstered by that song of empowerment, “Devil’s Little Rebel” embodies who the Darling Stilettos are as individuals and a whole – a confident, tough and damn sexy rock & roll outfit. And when these ladies take the stage, jaws drop open in response to their incendiary live set.

“It’s like amazing eye candy,” says Ace, who got her start dancing for the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver. “Each girl draws you in with her allure and powerful moves. We have such a great chemistry onstage, our energy just bounces off one another. We’re a true gang and it’s so rewarding to give to the audience and to do what you love to do.”

In addition to Ace, the Darling Stilettos count three revved up rocker chicks named Gina, Lindsey and Allie. Guided by Velvet Revolver’s Matt Sorum and clad in original outfits made by Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy, the Stilettos began as a steamy, punk rock dance quintet that first blew away attendees of Camp Freddy and Metal Skool gigs before officially stepping into their own as an explosive rock group.

Now armed with original material penned by yet-to-be-announced members of Hollywood’s hard rock elite, the Darling Stilettos are all about bringing rock back into the female world. Inspired by women like Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde, the foursome aspires to let a whole new generation of young women know that it’s okay to rock out and feel sexy simultaneously.

“I think of it as West Side Story meets Sex Pistols,” says Sorum, of the Stilettos’ scorching live show. “Here they are: girls in their early twenties who grew up with their mom and dad’s records: Clash, Ramones, Generation X. All the cool shit. And now they’re taking the stage, and they’re tearing it up. It’s not pop. It’s edgy, it’s punky, it’s gang-like. It’s hot.”

Born in the early 1980s, these Dionysian debutantes of rock & roll first got their hands on their parents’ record collections and never looked back. Using the aforementioned Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll” as a call to arms, the respective members of DS discovered G n’ R, Nirvana, AC/DC and countless others. Finding inspiration from the fashion, spirit and freewheelin’ savoir faire of Bridget Bardot, among others, the rebellious spirits of the Darling Stilettos respective members took flight.

“I would always sneak out to parties,” says Ace, a product of small town Oklahoma. “I just wanted to be where the action was.” A wild child, she began spending summers in L.A. from the age of 15, assisting top choreographers. “While my friends were cheerleaders, I was choreographing the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,” Ace marvels.

Empowered by her attributes at a young age, Harper explains, “I’ve always been very in tune with my body. Dancing is very sensual. It comes from that part inside you. If I have to put on some high heels and a mini skirt to bring some attention back to rock & roll, I’ll be the first one to do it!”

It’s a notion that drives the Darling Stilettos’ Sorum-produced original, “So Rock n Roll”, replete with the infectious hook, “So wild, so crazed, So Rock n Roll/So young, so pretty, So Rock n Roll”. Charged by their tough chick exterior, Ace says seriously, “You don’t want to mess with us or we’ll kick your ass.” And in the esteemed words of Johnny Rotten, she means it, man.

Or as the Hell-raised (that’s Hell, Michigan) vixen Gina explains, “We’re hard and powerful. We’re hot rock bitches tearin’ it up.” But, she’s also quick to assert that the members of the group are thoroughly trained artists who have been dancers and singers all their lives. “We’re not just random celebrities trying to drop an album and tour. This is what we do, and we do it very well.”

Assured and sultry, headstrong and hardcore, Ace proudly announces, “These are the most talented girls in Los Angeles.” Simply put, when they step onstage – as they have during residencies at venues like the world famous Viper Room – they’re the hottest women you’ve ever seen swagger in stilettos.

“Being confident and daring and really going for it and not worrying about anything else besides doing what we love to do – that’s what we’re about” proclaims Allie, a San Fernando Valley-raised hottie and the newest addition to the Stilettos line-up. “I think people are surprised when they first see us. We work the whole stage and we’re doing everything from rocking out singing to sliding across the floor. There is never a dull moment.”

As for the rock & roll that drives the Darling Stilettos’ performances, Lindsey, the little bad-ass from Northern California, explains the basis for their musical selections. “We get down on anything that makes us want to sing or scream,” she says. “Something with a good beat or guitar solo that makes you wanna shake your head and pound on your steering wheel when you drive.”

“Our vibe is rock, rock and more rock,” Lindsey concludes, explaining their unique presence in today’s musical climate. “We’re tough and sassy. We don’t let people “loosen up our buttons.” We take people “to Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.”

With an ability to turn heads, even girl’s heads, the Darling Stilettos balance their “drive to fucking rock with a charisma that draws people in” Gina says. “You may have expected some hot girls prancing around, but we really bring it, we really raise the temperature in the room. We are so alive and in your face.”

Or, as the world famous drummer turned DS manager says with a succinct chuckle, “It’s hot.” These girls Rock!!


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