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Thu Oct 5 · 8 pm
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French producer Terence N’guyen aka Darius, has just teased us with a new single titled “Espoir,” which is taken from his forthcoming “Romance” EP, out on February 24 via Roche Musique – pre-order on iTunes. Darius, who’s also known for being half of the collaborative group Cherokee alongside Co-Conspirator Dorian Miche, has been delivering nothing but excellent music over the past years. It’s quite impressive the amount of winners we’ve been gifted from that side of world, where the excellence of disco seems to be last bulwark of this specific electronic movement. It’s definitely our duty to dedicate some words to someone that refuses to follow any kind of trend. It’s more than fair to say that Darius, himself, has become a reference for young producers. Far, far away are those days when French House was being treated like never seen before. But, like everything in life, there’s always someone that will remain forever as being one of the greatest, a reference. A master of his game! After listening to “Espoir” two times in a row, we instantly fell in love by the piece. It starts with a simple piano line together with an interesting and addictive crispy work synth, which keeps growing and floating around our minds, when finally it ends up gently falling into a magnificent and heartbreaking drop. The second part of the piece has probably already conquered your heart, especially because its the climax, where all elements get together and makes us wish for more.  A true masterpiece.

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