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Danny Henry


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As a DJ, Danny Henry has been described in many ways, but flowing Innovative and Driving Bass are 3 of the best to describe Danny's style. After 20 years in the music industry, Danny has made a name for his self by staying true to his style and selection of music. Danny's start was with Exodus productions founders of the Toronto rave scene. This put him in the position to become a running headline DJ in the Toronto house scene. He also had the privilege to play at Better Days, Syrous, 23 Hop, Pleasure Force and the list goes on. He has track releases including collaboration with Rapture Click Clack, Tracks with Phat Pat and many of his own releases ranging from DnB to Hip Hop. Also longing standing heading spots @ Motion Notion Music Festival and soon to be Fozzy fest.Vinyl vs Digital is gonna be a very special event worthy of flying home for. Bringing back the real old school vibe for this one


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