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Daily Bread is Kimberly van de Velden (leadvocals), Atser Damsma (synths and vocals), Chris Mulder (bass, synth and vocals) and Stefan Stoer (drums). They are based in The Netherlands and have their roots in Friesland and Flevoland.

The release date has been set, the demos have been recorded and the studio had alreayd been booked when Daily Bread decided to take a completely different take with the soon to be released album; An accurate reflection of the band's attempt to reinvent themselves, after the success of their debut album 'Well You Are Not Invited.'

"We must have tried every approach imaginable, during the writing-process of this second album. That we wanted somethign very different from 'Sexy Garage Dance,' of our first album, was clear to us from the beginning," says Chris Mulder (bassist). "If that was what we were trying to steer clear of, then what were we aiming for? During that time, I listened to a lot of New Wave and Chill Wave, the sound of which truly captivated me. Even though it was unfaimiliar to me, it managed to inspire me to embrace it and make it my own. Regrettably, I was not able to make much progress there, which lef to a lot of frustration."

In this time of turbulance, Atser (Damsma, keys) joined the group. Initially, he was meant to, temporarily, take over keys for Kimberly (van der Velden, vocals/keys). "A solution forced by necessity, as I had to be operated on one of my fingers," says Kimberly. "It felt very weird in the beginning, because we felt a bit like the Holy Trinity was being disrupted. However, when we first played together during a concert, it clicked so well with Atser that the decision to continue as a Quartet was made on the spot. An additional advantage was that I could direct all my focus toward writing now. I wanted to approach the songs as poems again, just likw how it all once started."

The arrival of Atser also brought about several changes in musical terms within the band. It was his input that gave us all renewed energy. Subsequently, we decided, unanimously, to throw away all the old demos, to cancel the studio and engage into a difficult conversation with our record company. Thankfully, Excelsior supported our new plan and gave us the 'go' to get started on all of our new ideas."

Since the group did not want to wait too long with the release of their new material, the decision was made to give away a free EP, titled 'The Present' at end of March 2012. The new sound was appreciated by 3FM and the band was awarded the title 'Serious Talent' on the national pop channel in April and May.

Meanwhile, along with producer Rimer London, the hard work on the new album continued. The songs on "Iterum" are an ode to love, freedom and life. They accurately capture and reflect the predicametns of our daily lives; how we get sucked into them and how we are to free ourselves from these predicaments.

"The creation of this album has taken us down a very long road, one that by no means was without obstacle, but we would all gladly and lovingly travel upon it again. For us, making music is absolutely the best thing there is and we hope to reach and inspire a lot more people, in more countries, with this album. As we say on the track 'You Have Become': "Itis not what we're fighting against, it's what we're fighting for."

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