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Establishing himself as a contributing figure at the very forefront of the breakbeat movement, his name has become symbolic of the raw and innovative sound that he provides in his music. With releases on DJ Icey’s mighty Zone records and being one of the prolific engineers on Keith MacKenzieís illeven:eleven recordings, as well as an original member of Dustin Hulton’s Static System music imprint, Curtis B’s music has excelled on the Beatport charts in thunderous fashion. His 2010 remix of the dance classic “Drowning” from Cleveland Lounge has been embraced on a world-wide scale and resonates the same quality as AK-1200ís remix which cemented the song as an crowd favorite and placed it one of the true ìanthemísî of our sub-culture. Having worked with such artists as Icey, AK-1200, Calvertron, Keith Mackenie, Lazy Rich, Robb G, MC Flipside, Sporty-O, Whiskey Pete, Audiostalkers, Future Funk Squad and many more, Curtis B continues to evolve as an musician and in the process he constantly perfects his innovative and cutting-edge style of breakbeat and electro. With an abundance of dirty bassline pressure and an onslaught of percussion and drum stabs that reflect an expression and attitude, Curtis is sure to have you in a constant state of motion.

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