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Summer 2003: Andy LaPlegua brought you his new electro/industrial project called CombiChrist . The first release, on Out Of Line Records, The Joy Of Gunz presented a very hard edged EBM/industrial sound. Pummeling dancefloor grooves and distorted beats combined with scathing vocals and electro arrangements produced a full-tilt dancefloor onslaught. The first offspring of Norway's Andy LaPlegua sounded very different, but the album is a must for all lovers of the harsher, more noisy and danceable stuff.

Fall 2003: Saw the release of the Halloween special Kiss The Blade, limited to 667 copies and sold out within a few days. This was the first step towards the shape of Combichrist to come.

The enormous response took Combichrist to the live stage.Combichrist did shows in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Italy and USA and such festivals as; WGT, Summer Darkness and Infest. Combichrist then became known for being a strong live act, full of energy, blood, and a rock'n roll attitude. The world was calling for more as the Combichrist fanbase grew to the size of an army: thus spawning the Combichrist Army.

Fall 2004: Combichrist took you to new dimensions with the EP-release; Sex, Drogen Und Industrial, topping the German Alternative Charts at number 1 for 7 weeks. Previously, the name stood synonymous for electronic industrial sounds in their most brutal incarnation. Whereas Sex, Drogen und Industrial at first continues on this path with the opening track, Blut Royale, the listener soon begins to grasp as to where LaPlegua will take him on his journey: more electro, less distortion, yet nonetheless energetic and aggressive. Track two, programmatically titled Tractor tramples you with thudding electronic sounds and it is hard to find a proper category for this energetic wave of mutilation. The best term for this new form of pure, unrestricted musical energy would be Techno-Body-Music, as it combines the straight rhythmicality of Techno with the brute force of EBM. While provocative samples and aggressive sounds remain an integral part of the Combichrist-universe, the wind blows in the direction of pure electronic madness. Sex, Drogen und Industrial is a musical inferno that is shaking and rocking all club floors. Listening to the tracks, one is almost able to smell the sweat of twitching bodies. This EP wets the appetite for things to come and LaPlegua proves that he is able to create something that is ground breaking with Combichrist He takes no prisoners and no one can escape what remains are the remnants of musical destruction and exhausted corpses scattering the dancefloor.

Blut Royale and Tractor was also released on limited white vinyl, on Bractune Records in the USA.

Spring 2005: Everybody Hates You the new full-length album, released not only by Out Of Line, but USA's Metropolis Records as well. Release February 28th 2005. This new hard-hitting album took the fans in a new direction: TBM: A journey through hell and high water, through the eyes of a serial killer, sex, violence and plenty of Jack Daniels on ice.

Dance-floor domination is in effect with hits such as: Without Emotions, This Is My Rifle* and This Shit Will Fuck You Up*.

Spring 2006: Get Your Body Beat EP took Combichrist into the Hot Dance Billboard Charts for more than 6 weeks on top 10!! German Alternative Charts for 8 weeks on top 10!! French Alternative Charts, Brazil, Russia.. Expect world domination with their upcoming album: What The F*&$ Is Wrong With You People? (Metropolis records/Out Of Line) hits stores early March 2007 world-wide.

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