Colour Vision


"COLOUR VISION is an emblem of San Diego's nightlife scene - still reigning as the local king of Disco House, COLOUR VISION decided to explore a new sonic frontier, and partnered with to put together a Moombahton/Tropical Bass-centric party called BAJATON. And less than 4 parties/months & almost a dozen top-tier globally-renowned moombah acts later, COLOUR VISION's new role in the local EDM scene has deemed him San Diego's next pioneer in Moombahton production. And given the rampant activity on his Soundcloud over the last 2 months, he has taken his new role VERY seriously. COLOUR VISION's approach to Moombahton is a unique blend of shimmery 108 tempos, glistening synths, and cool-minded percussion: taking beloved indie dance gems and reflipping them with an effervescent groovy twist. His swoonworthy tracks present a reminiscence of his true love for disco and are less influenced by the harsher Dutch House stabs, typical to the genre."



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