Cleveland Skyers


Cleveland Skyers came to America at the age of 10, leaving the island of Jamaica behind but taking his culture and sense of music with him. For the last 20 years he has lived in Washington Heights, Manhattan, and is well known within his community. Although he was a star football player throughout high school, he knew his true calling was to make people dance. He was inspired through the music of Little Louie Vega, which shows in his style and mixing. In 1998 he landed his first gig at well known Manhattan hot spot Velvet.

Velvet opened the door to other opportunities such as a residency at the famous Café con Leche party in NYC. Since then he has worked the floors of numerous classic New York nightclubs such as the Tunnel, Roxy, Limelight, Cheetah, Exit, Supper Club, Show, Sullivan Room and Centro Fly, among others. However, he is best known for his magical seven-year residency at the legendary Soundfactory. Cleveland landed the job in 1996 and turned the party out with 12-18 hour sets every Saturday night for 7 years straight. Thousands of people came to Soundfactory every week to hear Cleveland Skyers and another well known DJ, Jonathan Peters, play their records well into Sunday afternoon.

Although Cleveland is well known throughout New York, his music is heard all over the world. He has moved the crowd numerous times in the Hamptons, Connecticut, Boston, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Miami, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. By mixing his records throughout the country Cleveland has developed a loyal fan base that moves their feet well into the night. Throughout his 20+ years in the industry he has worked hard to create a style, element, and vibe that one must experience to fully understand. He can be found playing every Tuesday night at “The Move” at G2 in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan, a party that has been running successfully for over six years.


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