Claude Monnet


This is no big surprise for those who know about his taste for Coppola's & Scorcese's films, for elaborate cuisine and odd looks. Claude is actually of Italian origin, although he was born in Lyon and started hunting around for old vinyls and playing in the local clubs in France and across the Italian border from the age of 16.

His career really started in St Tropez in 1986 when he was resident in two famous clubs : Le Bal & Pigeonnier. Soon after he started playing in clubs in Paris and all over the world (the long list of which you will find added at the end of his article).

Indeed Claude Monnet hasn't just been a DJ year after year, he has been producing his own music and coming out with his own labels (SSOH, Mixture & Basic Traxx). MONICA NOGUEIRA ‘s album “LE MONDE CHANGE” and his latest singles ("MAFE DISCO" & "JUNGLE FIRE") are evidence of his eclectism, of his maturity and ability to get night clubbers to groove on jazzy, African, powerful and spicy rhythms which are the main foundations of his music. Indeed, he is influenced by various and multiple types of music : soul, funk, jazz, ethnical sounds, disco, hip hop.

Added to these 23 years of labor & melodic pleasure, he was blessed with the birth of his adorable offspring, "Gianni". Claude has everything that he could wish for to start this new millennium in the most favorable conditions to carry on his work on sound and vibration.


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