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While living in Virginia, Chuck B received his start Djing in 1990 with the mobile DJ company Variety Tunes based out of VA Beach. Chuck B was exposed to countless genres of music ranging from hip-hop, freestyle, dancehall, electro, and house. From there he chose the path to pursue college radio at WODU and WLCX. It wasn’t until 1996 that he was first introduced to jungle at an event called Prohibition in Richmond that imprinted a lasting mark on his life. With limited resources to pursue drum and bass, he continued spinning hip-hop and dancehall. While at Longwood’s WLCX he put in time as the general manager, hip-hop & RPM music director and continued to DJ numerous events. Chuck B then was exposed to the art of turntabism and battling in 1996. Wanting to elevate his skills, be began to practice hours a day to develop 1-2 minute routines and participate in several DJ competitions throughout VA. During that time Chuck B won a mixtape competition for Delicious Vinyl Records and qualified in several battles. In 1998 he worked as a street promoter for Thrive Records. Once again, Chuck B was exposed to the world of electronic music by promoting various artist compilations including the soundtrack to the indie cult classic hit “Pi.”

After to moving to Richmond in 2000 for a counseling position at an emergency shelter for adolescents, Chuck B became interested in pursuing drum and bass/jungle once again. It wasn’t until finding a flyer to Turnstyle that led him to the resource that he was searching for. Finally locating a record store that carried drum and bass, the purchasing commenced. From Djing a hurricane block party to his first drum and bass gig at Interative Sessions in 2003; his musical talent began to generate a buzz leading to numerous bookings. Performing at various events including Camouflage in NY, Taboolicious, Therapy, Halo, Hop-Fu, Reverb, Maxim Magazine, Plan B, and various chapters of Konkrete Jungle while holding down a residnecy at Konkrete Jungle VA, Chuck B displays his ability to incorporate multiple styles of drum and bass and jungle in his set while having crowds stop and stare at his technical abilities through quick cutting and scratching.

Still expressing his love for his roots, he collaborated with Hoodrich in 2005 to host “Beep Ahh Fresh," on 97.3 FM WRIR every Friday night from 7-9PM. Chuck B and Hoodrich exposed listeners to old school hip-hop, freestyle, Miami bass, dancehall, go-go, and drum and bass, while continuing to draw new listeners as well as celebrity guests. Past guests on the show include Mr. Complex, Black Thought from the Roots, Wordsworth, 2 Live Crew, as well as multiple drum and bass DJs and producers. Chuck B's ability to balance a intricate performance schedule while working full time as a counselor caught the attention of the media, which led to a feature article in RVA Magazine in 2005. That same year, Chuck B participated as a last minute entry in the Sam Ash DJ Battle. After battling out the semifinalists, Chuck B advanced to the finals where he competed in a crucial head to head battle, which placed him 2nd place.

While "Beep Ahh Fresh" continued to captivate the hungry listening audience, 2006 marked the year that Chuck B combined forces with Tasha/ Prime Mover to begin producing various drum and bass / ragga projects. With numerous tracks receiving massive support from top notch DJs across the country as well as other countries, it was in 2007 that marked the trio's first collaborative release. The ragga crushers "Down Under" and "Smokers Clash Mashed" were released on Hum Fi Drum in the early part of 2007 and it was shortly after that "Killa Army" was released as a 12" vinyl single on Pound Records; which the promotional version charted on the DMC Drum and Bass Charts at #1. The last quarter of 2007 marked the highly anticipated follow up from the powerhouse trio titled "We're Survivors," which was released as a 12" vinyl single on the UK record label, Bass Rejects.

At the end of 2007, Chuck B made the move to Las Vegas to continue with DJing and producing. Without delay, the opportunites resumed and Chuck B was recruited to became part of the Las Vegas branch of Konkrete Jungle. In the 1st quarter of 2008, Chuck B was part of the most respected and well known worldwide event "World Of Drum & Bass," which had a tour stop in Las Vegas. Chuck B continued to expand his DJ resume in the summer of 2008 by being granted a residency at the Tropicana ultrapool and being one of the 1st DJs, along with Tasha and Budda FX, to EVER DJ at the Tropicana in Las Vegas since it's opening in 1957. The Tropicana crowd was graced every weekend with music ranging from Bmore club to classic rock, from dancehall to electro house, and from hip hop to dubstep. While continuing to DJ, Chuck B was able to find time to continue with production with Prime Mover. In June 2008, "Smoker's Clash" and "The Rollout" were released on Pound Recordings and under the alias, "Watts Riots," Prime Mover and Chuck B released the first dubstep tracks on Hum Fi Dub titled "Run Time" and "Soldier Boy." Chuck B continued DJing at various locations around Las Vegas including Empire Ballroom, IceHouse Lounge, Rum Jungle at Mandalay Bay, Human Experience, SMASH, and Brass Lounge.

The year 2009 marked another milestone for Chuck B. Chuck B continued to represent as a resident DJ for Konkrete Jungle and continued to DJ for the Human Experience, a "music, dance, thought, exchange" event developed by Miss Joy that supported local artists. During the summer of 2009, the world's number 1 selling Drum & Bass publication based in the UK, Knowledge Magazine, joined forces with Konkrete Jungle Las Vegas to bring the FIRST ever Bar Knowledge USA. Chuck B was recruited to become part of history and was recruited to be a resident DJ for Bar Knowledge USA. Be on the lookout for future DJ performances, as well as future production collaborations from Chuck Bwatch your bass bins.

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