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Sat Sep 24 · 7 pm
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Being askedto describe his own music, Christian Loeffler states that he tries to combinemelancholy with euphoria. “All my music is connected by a gloomy spirit, whichis minted by a warm sincerity. I try to merge all kinds of different acousticcolors to obtain this feeling in my music.”

Loeffler started to play music by the age of 14. Living in a secluded region,lacking a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials ofmaking electronic music. Before long he developed his own deep and movingsound, colored with a melancholic undertone- Music for the soul & for thebody. He recalls a variety of music styles he listened to as a child andteenager that were highly influential to his own development as a musician.

Due to the fact that Loeffler is also working as a visual artist, he’sfollowing the same approach when making music that he’s following when paintingor taking photos. It is more about telling a story than making everythingaccessible right from the start.

In the course of the production of EP’s like “Heights”, “Raise” and “Aspen”,Loeffler developed some strategies to use acoustic material and singing in hismusic. Amongst others he samples different stringed instruments, percussion andatmospheres. He continues working with the recordings on the computer,combining, layering and alternating them.

The extraordinary capacities of this young producer have kept eyes and earsclosely following the fresh talent as Loeffler’s deep moving melancholic sound,is absolutely irresistible.

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