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Growing up with a father who worked as a disc jockey for various Canadian radio stations and moving to various places across Canada, Chris has always had music to influence him from a wide variety of genres including alternative rock, rock, classical, pop, hip hop and R&B from all eras. After settling in the West end of Toronto as a teenager, he was introduced to house music.  From this moment on Chris’ passion for all types of house music grew – and does so every day.

Those who know Chris well, will recognize him from the middle of the dance floor. His love for dark, dirty electro beats always kept him moving at any club or boat party.  With influences such as Deko-ze, Jayforce, Sydney Blu, Manzone & Strong, Carlo Lio, Addy and Dave Spoon, Chris started this journey as a fan and over time and much research, all sorts of house genres have crept into his CD case…Electro, Tech-House, Techno, Minimal, Progressive and Tribal.

Over time, Chris realized his passion for house music was greater than just listening to it and dancing to it at clubs.  He felt something was missing and he wanted more from the music.  This is when he decided he wanted to move off the dance floor and learn the music from behind the decks.  After many conversations with successful DJ’s, friends, research and questions, he started his journey by mixing tracks on the computer.  Spending countless hours understanding the essence of house music, Chris’ view of this music was forever changed and with time built the confidence to transition from the computer to behind the decks. As an up and coming Toronto House DJ, Chris is on a determined mission to learn the skill of mixing music and has invested in learning how to become a producer. With one track currently on Beatport he continues to learn this new side of the business. With constant interaction from friends and fellow DJ’s, he is working hard to absorb everything he can to take with him on his quest to become better at his craft.  With continuous practice and guidance, Chris Ink promises to deliver.

What started as a hobby, turned into a passion and now Chris Ink is fulfilling his dream as a house DJ. Chris Ink has had a very promising start to his career and since has played at Footwork, Guvernment/Acid Lounge, Comfort Zone, Film Lounge, The Amigo’s Boat Cruise, Tryst Patio & Niteclub, The Hot Boat Cruise, Li’ly Lounge and many others. With this exposure he has played alongside talented DJ’s such as Deko-ze, Jayforce, Hatiras, Adam K, MC Flipside, Carlo Lio, Manzone & Strong, DJ Addy, Kenny Glasgow, Paranoid Jack, The Junkies, Craig Petigrew, Ovi M, Joee Cons, YM, Christina Cruise, Joey Seminara, Greg Gow, Jon Jon and more.

Chris is working hard perfect his style and wants to fill the dance floor with hard, uplifting house beats that will make you move —- and keep moving.  He knows what it is like to be on that dance floor wanting to feel the music pumping through you.  He promises to keep working to ensure everyone is dancing and wanting more.

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