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Chez Damier , whose real name is Anthony Pearson , is an American electronic musician. He is known for his collaborations with Ron Trent , with whom he also founded the Prescription 1 label . He is also a co-founder of the Music Institute of Detroit.

Born in Chicago and into music since the age of 11, he began buying records at the age of 13. He moved to Detroit when he entered college where he met Derrick May and Alton Miller . It is from this moment that he begins to produce and mix. Attention legend. More than a pioneer, Chez Damier is probably one of the dj's still in activity who has attended if not participated in the greatest number of pivotal moments in the evolution of house music. Associated with Ron Trent to create the Prescription Records label, which still remains today one of the most prestigious references of the genre, the native of Chicago puts his mark in everything that does best in each of the eras he is going through. .

On the bridge since 1989, we can no longer count the number of collaborations or outbreaks he has accompanied: The Morning Factory, KMS, The Music Institute, The Belleville Three, The Warehouse, The Music Box, so many label names , places and institutions, which he forged or crossed. What can we say about his essential tracks, such as “Can You Feel It”, Sometimes I Feel Like ”,“ The Choice ”or“ Be My ”which quickly turned out to be milestones in the history of house.

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