Chey Lanay


Hailing from the City of Boston, MA is a 20-year old female rapper who goes by the name of “Chey Lanay”. Her style is unique; her music brings listeners to different aspects of life, from hot club bangers to that heat for the streets. Being around music all of her life, Chey Lanay started rapping at age seven with a goal to pave her way to the top as one of hip hop’s greatest female emcees. She was inspired by music from her uncle “Fly Ty” of Joint Venture, who released an album titled “It’z Da Joint” on Profile Records in 1993. Sadly he passed in 1994, and that’s where Chey Lanay comes in to re-light the torch. Chey Lanay is a great lyricist and song writer, with songs like “Picture That” and “To the Top” there’s no doubt she has what it takes to be amongst the best in the music biz.


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